Engaged Student Internal Grant

Engaging Students Using Technology Internal Grant Information


The purpose of this internal grant application is to support Northern Tioga School District in planning, implementing, and evaluating an effective project that:

1. Improves student academic achievement and student engagement through the use of technology and
2. provide high quality instructional strategies to integrate technology effectively into instruction


1. Equipment will be distributed to one teacher who demonstrates through this grant application their willingness to completely integrate the technology into their lesson plans.

2. The awardee must be willing to receive necessary professional development, provided by the district, to allow for this project to become successful.

3.  The awardee must be willing to participate in sharing lessons learned and best practices with district technology staff and administrators.


1 - Interactive Whiteboard
1 - Video Projector
1 - Mobile Lab of Tablet PC's
1 - Notebook Storage Cart
1 - Wireless Access Point

Project Duration:2007 - 2008 School Year
Program Unit:Instructional Technology
Date Due:June 7, 2007

Competitive proposals must be received at the Technology Department Office by 3:00 PM on the date due.

Grant Application

Project Title - Provice a full title, giving an explanation in an acronym(s) is used.
Project Summary Provide one paragraph summarizing the project. If the project is awarded, this summary will be posted on the Districts Web Site.
Explain why having a tablet PC for every student in your class is needed to instruct your students in specific content area(s).
Describe the technology proficiency of yourself and/or students and describe the expected technology proficiency of yourself and students are the implementation of the project.
Describe how the project will use the wireless tablet PC's to support the teaching and learning of specific content area(s).
Describe the impact the project will have at the end of this one-year period, specifically the number of students who will benefit directly. Describe briefly teaching and learning products/materials that will be produced with the use of this equipment.
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