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  Site Matters!
Last Updated 2005-10-13 16:07:15
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AP Sports
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  Weary Angels Defeat ChiSox 3-2 in Game 1
  White Sox's Offense Struggles in Game 1
  Yankees Deal With Another Postseason Flop
  Cards and Astros Rivals but Not Enemies
  Alfredsson Leads Senators Past Canadiens
  ADV: Tailgate Town - NFL, NCAA, and MLB Gear
  Sabres Extend Coach Lindy Ruff's Contract
  McClement Leads Blues Past Blackhawks 4-1
  Cleveland Browns' Injury List Grows Longer
  Maple Leafs Top Flyers 4-2 for First Win
  Pacers' Artest Says He'll Still Play Hard
  Shani Davis Battles U.S. Speedskating
  Notre Dame-USC Game May Become Special
  Bloom Plans on Olympics, NFL Football
  Holcomb Believes He's Earned Starting Job
  Suns All-Star Stoudemire Out Four Months
Last Updated 2005-10-13 16:07:15
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New York Times: International News
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  Sunk in Despair, Remote Villages Await Quake Aid
  A Leading Syrian Minister Dies, Apparently a Suicide
  Liberians Line Up to Vote, Saying Long Wait Is Worth It
  5 Aid Workers Killed by Taliban Insurgents in Afghanistan
  ADV: Trade Shares and Currencies Commission-Free
  Leaders in Iraq Agree to Change in Constitution
  Ramadan Ritual: Fast Daily, Pray, Head to the Mall
Last Updated 2005-10-13 16:07:15
Top Headlines from World Press Review
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Top Headlines from World Press Review
  Venezuela: Land Reform Battle Deepens
  Mohamed El Baradei, the I.A.E.A., and the Nobel Peace Prize
  Karen Hughes: Selling Bush to the World
  Iran: U.S. and Europe Push W.M.D. Frame-Up
  Between Cross and Crescent: Black Star Fades to Night
  Preparing for the Next Catastrophe
  Turkey and the European Union
  Partners in Disarray: the United States, the European Union and the United Nations
  Untold Africa on Film
  H.I.V./AIDS: Looming Funding Crisis
  Mutula wa Kilonzo — My Story
  What to Do About Hugo?
  Hurricane Katrina
  The Salvadoran Soldier Who Died in Iraq
  India’s Tryst With “Girl Power”
  Minority Parties to Decide New Zealand Election
  Speculation Over Agenda as Koizumi Wins Mandate
  Macedonia: Big Rush in the Islamic Community
  British Government Asked to Reconsider Its Position on Zimbabwean Asylum Seekers
  Hizb ut Tahrir: An Interview With Imran Waheed
  Memories of Sayyid Qutb: An Interview With John Calvert
  Journalism in Yemen: A Battle for Truth in the Age of Terror
  A Conversation with Meir Margalit
Last Updated 2005-10-13 16:07:15
Business Day: World
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Powered by NewsIsFree
  Zimbabwe opposition looks split over poll boycott 
  ADV: Owe Back Taxes? Free Consultation
  SA growth target achievable, says IMF  
  Zimbabwe to outlaw occupation of state land 
  Aftershock triggers panic in quake-hit Pakistan 
  US textile talks with China fail to reach accord  
  MDC divided over senate elections 
  Syrian minister kills himself as UN Hariri death probe closes in  
  Reporter hands in notes to US jury 
  New strategy to keep EU donors focused on poverty in Africa 
  Aid pours into quake-stricken Pakistan 
  Côte d’Ivoire needs shock therapy — Crisis Group 
  Protesters storm Bali jail over bomb attacks 
  Schröder to watch new set-up from sidelines 
  Weah, Johnson-Sirleaf in front as vote-counting starts in Liberia 
  Talks on farm subsidies on hold 
Last Updated 2005-10-13 16:07:15
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  Bush to Miers: Keep the faith
  King Kaufman's Sports Daily
  Waiting to hear Judy Miller's story
  Bush's lousy poll numbers
  If these broads could talk
  Daily Download: "Ain't No Easy Way," Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  The Fix
  Dub masters
  The blogger who loathed me
  Is there a future? If so, when does it start?
  Tom the Dancing Bug
Last Updated 2005-10-13 16:07:15
The Register
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The Register
  Samsung pays $300m to settle DRAM cartel case
  BSA wants 'private copy levies' scrapped
  Deadly bird flu strain confirmed in Turkey (the country)
  Video iPod plus Front Row: Media Center killer, or shoulder-shrug?
  Looming crisis prompts prison governors' call for electronic tagging
  Study reveals gaps in UK system to track criminal and terror finance
  US cybersecurity all at sea
  Yahoo! clamps down on predatory chat
  Of Citrix roadmaps and other things
  Google, Comcast court AOL
  NASA to fund new X-Prize competitions
  New 007 licenced tomorrow
  Mannheim starts Linux migration
  EC moots pan-European music licensing
  Roll up folks, it's barometer tapping time
Last Updated 2005-10-13 16:07:15
Web Monitor
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Thu Oct 13 17:08:03
CNET News.com
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CNET News.com
  A biblical way to curse thine enemies
  Nokia gears up 3G efforts in China
  Not all technological advances are positive
  The real reason Comcast wants AOL deal
  AMD beats Intel in U.S. retail desktops in Sept.
  Samsung to pay $300 million for price fixing
  Jobs' next step
  Images: Twinkle, twinkle massive stars
  JibJab takes aim at outsourcing
  Red Hat tries out SystemTap probe software
  Go into orbit-lose most of your immune system
  MP3-player demand to spike in 2009
  007 wannabes wanted
  Veritas issues patch for NetBackup flaw
  A new window on USB drives
  Photos: Bill Gates on vacation
  Verizon's TV dreams
  Photos: Verizon's Fios TV
  Study: Europeans pay double tax on Net music
  Photos: Toy makers go for tech
  Toshiba's HD DVD road show
Last Updated 2005-10-13 16:07:15
Linux Today
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Search Linux Today:

Linux Today
  LinuxPlanet: Getting the Real Facts: How to Read an Analyst's Report
  internetnews.com: Race To Linux a 'Licensed' Affair
  The Oregonian: An Opening for Open-Source Software
  SearchOpenSource: OSBC Director: Linux, Open Source Profitable, Stable and on the Minds of CIOs
  Datamation: How One City Slashed its Support Costs
Last Updated 2005-10-13 16:07:15